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Iranian Desk

Iranian Desk at the Diplomatic Institute

Why Israel?

Israel is considered the Startup nation, thanks to a variety of factors: the highest share of the National GDP dedicated to R&D, the proliferation of startups and entrepreneurial spirit, the governmental investment in high-risk ventures, the huge inflow of Foreign Direct Investment, mainly to the high tech and the Israeli export of superior, state of the art technologies.
The Israeli economy in the last years, showed tremendous resiliency, during financial crisis, natural disasters, armed conflicts and even in the CoVid19 period. Israel continued its prosperity most of the time.
We are also the best safe haven for the Jewish people. Thanks to the Law of Return, any Jew can immigrate to Israel and obtain citizenship.
As investment in the Israeli economy are crucial to the Nation’s success, we have created a series of investment protection laws, regulations and incentives, allowing you to invest and repatriate capital and its fruits.

Why the Iranian Desk of the Diplomatic Institute?

The Diplomatic Institute is the trusted advisor of the foreign diplomatic community for several years. It is considered the natural bridge for importers, exporters, diplomats, governmental officials, businesspersons and service providers.

Adv. Kambiz Vosouk is an Iranian-born lawyer, graduated from the Tel Aviv University and mastered in Barkley, specialized in the modern Iranian system. He wrote several books about the Revolution and the legal issues of the Jews' escape from Iran.

Kambiz’s in-depth knowledge of the Israeli ecosystem, as well as the Jewish-Persian culture, is positioning him as your best contact for any legal and business issue.

It will be our pleasure to assist you in your business, residency and legal affairs.

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Kambiz Vosouk

Kambiz Vosouk

Adv. Kambiz (Oded) Vosouk was awarded the matriculation certificate. He enlisted in the 8200 unit in the IDF and headed an intelligence research department and later participated in international projects of the Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister's Office. He speaks Persian language and is author of a book for the study of the Persian language as well as published a number of various articles including on the restitution of the assets of the Iranians after the 79th revolution in Iran.

Kambiz holds a bachelor's and master's degree in law with honors and has worked in a number of very large law firms and also worked for a number of years as a lawyer in the legal department of the Ministry of the Environment. Kambiz is very active among the Iranian community and advises them in various areas of law.


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Mali A. Shirazi

Adv. Mali Ayala Shirazi is a member of the Israeli Bar and an experienced executive in top multinational Israeli corporations. Mali has an LLB and a B.A. in Psychology and Education.


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Gabriel Hayon

Chairman of the Diplomatic Institute, with 20+ years experience in international business, leading commercial activities, NGOs, factories, investments and high-tech ventures globally.

Gabriel is an international speaker, mentor, author of the best seller “The Customer Oriented Entrepreneur” and DreamPloyment.

Gabriel is an Industrial Engineer with a Higher Management Diplome. He is fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

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Roman Galay

Roman is a seasoned Boutique Investment Banker, with vast experience in some of Israel’s most ambitious real-estate deals of the last decade.
Roman developed a real-estate venture also in the USA.
He is graduated in Economics and Business from the BGU University, and have double Master degree in law and Banking.

Sofia Kogan

Sofia Kogan

Sofia is a lawyer specializing in international and private law. She has Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in law from Moscow State Academy of Law.

She has experience in legal support of business and in conducting  court cases.

She speaks Russian and English.

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