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Business Development

The Diplomatic Institute is your trusted partner in international business, supporting companies, organizations, and local authorities in their global expansion.


We offer assistance in exploring new markets, expanding production, diversifying activities, and identifying the latest technologies and innovations. Their strength lies in their vast network of global partners and strategic connections, which open doors and create opportunities. Working with the Diplomatic Institute provides the expertise and experience needed to navigate the turbulent waters of international business.


We understand that times of crisis can be challenging, and their dedicated team works tirelessly to anticipate potential challenges, develop appropriate strategies, and ensure business continuity. Whether you're a start-up, established company, or local authority seeking foreign investment, the Diplomatic Institute is your trusted partner to build a prosperous global future for your business.

How we will escort Your Business to the Next Level

Market Research and Analysis

Our consultants carry out in-depth market research to help companies understand their target audience, market trends and the competitive landscape. This information is essential for making informed decisions on product development, pricing and market positioning.

Sales and Marketing

We help organizations improve their sales and marketing strategies, processes and performance. 

By leveraging the expertise of our consultants, adapting to changing market conditions and gaining a competitive edge in their respective sectors has never been easier. 

HR Consulting

Because we know that management is a business in its own right, our approach is to provide tailor-made solutions aimed at aligning human capital strategies with your overall business objectives. 

We are committed to improving the management of your team through targeted training programs and leadership development initiatives. 

Our team will guide you smoothly through organizational change with effective communication and change management strategies. 

Risk Management 

Our Team assesses and manages potential risks that organizations may face, whether related to operations, finance, or compliance. We develop strategies to mitigate risks and create contingency plans.​ In these times of war, our last Business Continuity Plan may be of interest to you. 

Business Competitive Intelligence

Our approach to competitive intelligence is to understand your company's external environment, competitors and industry to help decision-makers make proactive decisions by assessing competitors' strengths, weaknesses, strategies, market shares and potential threats. 

By tracking market trends, customer behavior, the regulatory and legislative landscape, technological advances, supplier and partner analysis, risk assessment and brand perception, our team is committed to helping companies adapt their strategies to stay competitive and maintain a competitive edge. 

1x1 Mentoring

Each mentor brings their inner world, experience, and knowledge to the organization. Our worldview advocates empowerment through delegation, i.e. giving responsibility and authority to middle managers in most operational and day-to-day aspects, in order to free up the CEO and other leaders to manage strategy, planning, and mid- to long-term thinking. 

Worldwide Projects

3 Decades | 4 Continents | 30+ Projects | 20+ Countries

Fostering: Innovation, Competitiveness, Industrial and Technological Readiness, Export, Mentoring, International Business Development, Capacity Building

The Diplomatic Institute worldwide project Map
Interception by the Iron Dome of rockets launched by Hamas against Israel shortly after October 7 and the war that followed.

Our Business Continuity Plan in wartime. 

Iron swords require Iron growth capabilities

As a result of the attack on October 7 and the ongoing war that ensued, many companies have been severely affected, whether in terms of order cancellations, staff shortages, or supply chain and logistics consequences. 

Modern management, active on many fronts, needs a crisis management kit. To this end, the Diplomatic Institute has built up a bank of strategies, reactions and proactive processes to get you through not only this crisis but all unexpected situations.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Ariel University
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Gold Ventures Investment
Israel Export Institute
Federation Of Israeli Chambers of Commerce
Ministry of Economy

Contact The Diplomatic Institute

Gabriel Hayon

Tel: 050-606-2000


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