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The Diplomatic Institute's "Diplomacy Division" serves as a bridge for diplomats and embassies to Israel, providing professional and personal advice. 


The institute hosts quarterly seminars on various Israeli society topics, such as cyber, HLS, defense, innovation, trade, agriculture, and investments.

At The Diplomatic Institute, we are committed to improving the quality of work and life of diplomats. Our mission is to facilitate information, knowledge, and service providers to empower diplomats to better serve their countries and communities. Our institute provides extensive training and resources to help diplomats excel in their roles.

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Your Diplomatic and Governmental Bridge to Israel









Whether you're an active or seasoned diplomat, consul, honorary consul, commercial, military, or cultural attaché, D.I. is your natural home in Israel.


We're committed to welcoming you to the safe environment we've developed where eminent professionals like you enjoy a rich social life, participate in exclusive events, and have access to unique knowledge and information. The Diplomatic Institute also organizes exclusive events that enable diplomats to meet each other and interact seamlessly with Israeli society and government. 

Your Privileges


The Diplomatic Institute assists embassies better understand Israeli idiosyncrasies, regulatory issues such as kashrut, phytosanitary practices, import, taxation, bi-national treaties, among others.

We provide customized reports to embassies.

Private Diplomacy

Some embassies are understaffed and periodically have to perform certain tasks without adequate manpower. Our team of experienced ambassadors can draft documentation and act on your behalf, assisting NGOs, political parties, and large organizations in lobbying or interfacing with international institutions, while also serving as consultants, lobbyists, and interlocutors.


As a diplomat, you'll report to your foreign ministry about Israel, sending political and demographic reports, projections, forecasts and predictions. The Diplomatic Institute will invite you to periodic conferences, given by top professionals, and provide you with interesting studies, white papers and executive summaries. This knowledge will also help you better understand Israel and its current situation.

Community Service

A well-treated family gives the diplomat the peace of mind needed to perform better professionally.


The Diplomatic Institute is helping you find the best schools, the best medical care, the best legal advisors, the best religious services, and more. 

Production of events for embassy staff and foreign communities (social and professional).

Our Diplomatic Community

Contact The Diplomatic Institute

Gabriel Hayon

Tel: 050-606-2000


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