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Diplomatic Institute's Defense and Cyber Seminar

This week we celebrated our periodical convention titled:

Diplomatic Institute’s Defense & Cyber Seminar

The event took place at the great facilities of Tadmor-Levy, one of Israel’s best law firms with the presence of more than thirty diplomats, ambassadors, consuls and attaches.


After the greetings of our host, Dr. David Tadmor, the Managing Partner of Tadmor Levy and Ambassador Shai Cohen of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs, we proceeded with the professional agenda:

  • The Keynote speaker, Major General Amos Gilead, former Director of Political-Military Affairs at the Ministry of Defense, briefed us regarding the strategic landscape of the region.

  • Adv. Shimon Aviran, head of Defense Desk at Tadmor Levy explained the benefits of G2G deals.

  • Gabriel Hayon, Chairman of the Diplomatic Institute lectured about From Uniform to Unicorn, described the success path of startups owned by military veterans.



    Looking forward to see you in the next Seminars.

    Enclosed the presentations:

    from uniform to unicorn lecture by gabriel hayon
    The Defense and HLS Legal Environment in Israel
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