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National Acceleration Program

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For the last 33 years, I was fortunate to work in many countries, industries and cultures. During this period, I could evidence first-hand the national growth, tendencies and leadership.

During our constant work with entrepreneurs worldwide, we identified several common patterns in successful societies.
The success factors are the entrepreneurial spirit ("Chutzpah"), proper training and national supporting infrastructure.
The main conclusion of my study was:

Nations that Fails to Develop

Intellectual Property

Are Doomed to Misery

Most nations are struggeling to boost the entrepreneurs' community to become more innovative, competitive and successful.
Our in-depth study showed that it is a feasible mission and that:

Entrepreneurship is a Learnable Virtue

Therefore, the Accelerator Guru, Tal Catran and our Institute, encapsulated an Acceleration Program, based on the Israeli model and adaptable to your local startup arena.
This Tridimensional Acceleration Program covers the full startup lifecycle, teaching your entrepreneurs how to build and grow successful startups, providing you the proper System + Mindset + Tools.
We will share all our knowledge, techniques and the unique entrepreneurial spirit, training your teams, mentors, startups and accelerators' leaders.

Tal Catran
Tal Catran
Accelerators Guru
International Keynote Speaker
Start-Up Ecosystem Builder
TEDx Speaker
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Gabriel Hayon
Gabriel Hayon
International Sales Guru
Business Facilitator
International Speaker
President  The Diplomatic Institute
CEO          Chamber of Commerce Israel – Latin America
CEO          WikiSales – Training and Consulting Firm

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The Customer-Oriented Entrepreneur

The Customer-Oriented Entrepreneur

Converting leads from Cold to Gold

By adopting WikiSales’ Sales Driven machine, you’ll place yourself on the success path and reach market domination in your field.


The importance of this book is in escorting you in the right route and away from the pitfalls, improving your profitability.

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