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Diplomatic Institute’s Academic Programs

The education system of the modern era is always looking for new and updated content to enrich, develop, and better prepare students for the challenges of the future job market.


That's why the Diplomatic Institute has developed a series of workshops and annual programs in various areas.

Visit of the Ugandan Delegation in a school in Petah Tikva in 2023

Workshops and Annual Programs

Programs and Syllabus 

To find out more, visit my YouTube channel, where you can find videos in three languages on the program and other interesting topics.


Over the past five years, thousands of people have attended conferences, webinars and read my books “The Dream Servant - The Customer-Oriented Success Secrets for Entrepreneurs”. Many have found their dream job and created their business thanks to the method, strategies and tools.


Many communities have adopted this program: Petah Tikva (School for Young Ambassadors), Tel Aviv (immigrants who speak Spanish, Portuguese and English, survive prostitution), Jerusalem (volunteers), Carmel Castle (young people), Holon (demobilized soldiers), Netanya (breathing a sigh of relief - women), Givat Shmuel (Entrepreneurship Center) and more.

Our last projects

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