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Navigating in Troubled Waters


Presented by Gabriel Hayon

The Hamas attack on 7 October broke all the rules of the game in the long-standing conflict with terrorism. The ensuing war heightens tensions, and the conflict spills over into your companies, increasing the number of objections. Face to this situation, I would like to share with you the crisis management formula that I use successfully to handle any objections and ensure business continuity.

ניווט במים סוערים - המשכיות עסקית במלחמת חרבות ברזל

As the Israeli business community navigates the troubled and uncharted waters of the ongoing military conflict in Gaza, companies are facing unprecedented challenges. Some Israeli companies operating domestically and internationally are facing unforeseen obstacles that may impact their ability to survive and grow.

An Iron War requires Nerves of Steel

Iron Swords' Buiz Continuity Suit

Committed to Escort You from Crisis to Success



The Diplomatic Institute is here to help you develop your vision and make it a reality. We offer comprehensive support throughout the process, working hand-in-hand with our clients to identify their short-, medium--, and long-term goals. Our personalized approach enables you to achieve your goals while keeping your unique vision at the forefront.



We help you identify your strengths and determine how to operate them for your success. Our team specializes in guiding businesses towards their true potential. We analyze your vision and determine which market segment to target, ensuring you can reach your full potential through strategic planning.



Together, we will develop Tools to take your business to the next level. Because we understand that every business is unique, we offer personalized strategies like our Iron Swords Suits. These tailored solutions will help you overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and create a path to success.

Ensuring Continuity, Survivability and Recovery from the crisis

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